Sunday, May 10, 2009

New York Cityscape (Karin Jurick's DSDF Challenge) - Day 2

From Day 1: the reference photo and my sketch on toned canvas

Today I underpainted with acrylic paints. I used two colors - red for warm and dark blue for cool. Basically I applied red to hotspots (the areas to be highlighted later), the sky and taxicabs. Then dark blue (it appears really dark due to the burnt sienna that I used to tone the canvas) to buildings, structures, the ground and cab windows. This is not a science project, and there is no firm rules as to what goes to where. I just kinda followed my intuition. Now it's ready for the oil treatment which will start tomorrow. Good time to take a break.


  1. Hi Peter, I must be catching you right as you are posting. I am so glad that you post your steps of a painting. I feel like you are letting me look over your shoulder. I have soooo much to learn!

  2. I'm looking forward to the sequel.
    Kind regards.